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Overcoming the Tribulations of Reading

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Overcoming the Tribulations of Reading

There was once a boy named Alok from Deoghar, a small town in Jharkhand, India, who was not very good at reading. Throughout his school years, he struggled to read well. As a result, he began losing interest in reading. Reading had become an arduous task, which gave him no pleasure. However, Alok had an interest in storytelling and would listen to stories on the internet.

Echoes of “La Tradition Gaullienne” in Macron’s Take on China

“The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born; now is the time of monsters”, said Antonio Gramsci. Gramsci’s proclamation on the state of the world following the first world war seems prophetic even for our times.

Revisiting Cooperative Regional Orders in the European Global Strategy

The Russia-Ukraine conflict, growing demands for deglobalisation, the aggressive rise of China, climate change, territorial contestation of seas and oceans, and a faltering liberal accord are causing significant changes in the world order.

Fireside Chat with Pragati Gokhale: Bridging the Gap Through Mission Mera Mobile Mera Marketing and MarketMirchi

"Market Mirchi is aiming to level the playing field by giving Indian farmers genuine price discovery.” In a heart-warming exchange with The Reformist, Pragati Gokhale talks in depth about Market Mirchi and its role in bridging the gap by improving farmer incomes.

Religion and Dissent in India

Lynchings are not new to India. Lynchings have been happening in India since time immemorial and for a wide assortment of reasons. Indian lynchings in that way have a rather inclusive character.

Living Up To General Rawat’s Legacy

The tragic demise of General Bipin Rawat, India’s first Chief of Defence Staff along with eleven other invaluable members of the Indian Armed Forces has shaken India. The visuals of Indians in the Nilgiris showering flower petals while uttering *“Veera Vanakkam”* would have made it extremely difficult for any Indian to hold back tears.

Salman’s Delusion

Hindutva is going to play a pivotal cultural role in the lives of Indians in the years to come and it is important to understand the Hindutva phenomenon Sans politically tinted glasses. At the outset, Hinduism and Hinduvta are not parallel lines.

Making Manufacturing Atmanirbhar

Indian manufacturing has been provided a booster dose by the emergence of a global power struggle between the United State of America (U.S) & China. Increasing displays of expansionist intent by China have been the cause of growing fissures in U.S-China relations.

Forsaken Leadership: The Broken Promise of Climate Finance

Are the group of richer nations affected by “the tragedy of the commons” on the question of climate finance? Climate scientists have debated thoroughly on how much finance mitigation and adaptation measures require every year.

Hindutva and Azadi

The rapid acceptance of Hindutva has evoked a sense of shock and awe among its fans and critics alike. While fans have largely been delirious with joy, critics have oscillated between dubbing India a “*democracy in decay*” or a “*democracy in danger*”.

The Great Internal Churn

The defeat in Afghanistan has shown that military strength alone cannot guarantee victory in this battle. Combating and overcoming the dual challenge of rising Islamism and Authoritarianism will require three fundamental course corrections within vulnerable democracies.


Asian NATO: The Emergence of QUAD

China has begun to reassert its place which it perceives to be at the center of global affairs . Market reforms and integration into the global economy have given Beijing significant coercive power.


Fireside Chat with Mr. Sanjay Pulipaka : Myanmar coup d’état

In the United Nations, we will be keen on a quick and just resolution of the Myanmar crisis. India wants a much more transparent and representative political process emerging in Myanmar.


Fireside Chat with Lt Gen (Dr) Prakash Menon : Theatre Commands

It is not about wanting to attack China. It is about wanting to influence their strategic behavior to adhere to the rules of international law.


Being AtmaNirbhar in Defence Industry

The need for self-reliance has further been intensified by the Chinese belligerence and killing of Indian soldiers in eastern Ladakh and the subsequent public outcry for banning Chinese products.

Climate Change & extreme events in Maharashtra

An IPCC report has warned that sustained warming of the world’s climate over the past two decades may substantially affect the hydrological cycle and precipitation designs over the world.

Abraham Accords & Changing Priorities in the Middle East

On August 13, 2020, a landmark event took place in the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates (UAE), an Arab country, agreed to normalise relations with the state of Israel, in return, Israel assured to halt its plans to annex parts of the West Bank.

IKEA in India: Glocalisation, Expansion Strategy and Challenges

Established in 1943 in Sweden, IKEA has been popular for its low prices and innovatively modernised furniture. Contrary to public perception, IKEA has existed in India since the 1980s as a part of the INGKA group.

EIA Draft Notification 2020: Overlooked Merits, Hyperbolic Criticisms

The proponents of the notification, apart from the vice-chairman’s lone voice, have not yet been able to articulate the merits of the EIA Notification, 2020.

The America I Knew

The America of today is a far cry from the noble ideal of a colour blind society envisioned by Dr King.

Indian Agriculture Needs an Ozone Pollution Mitigation Strategy

A recent study published in the Journal Science Advances has raised alarm bells by stating that the Indian coastline and the Himalayan region are at a high risk of Ozone pollution by 2100.

WHO at the Cusp: Reforms Long Overdue?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has come under severe fire for a visible lack of institutional integrity during the unfolding of the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead of leading from the front, the WHO has instead become a Cheshire Cat that has only attempted to placate a country which foresees itself as the next global superpower.